Monday, 6 August 2007

Blogger AntiSpam

Hi Guys,
We have already some monthes new blog and new domain, old one was wich was pretty nice archive , but aprox 1 month ago i get mail from Blogger about Anti Spam action and they had temporary disabled our old blog , after i reported to review our old blog some another "expert" , in 2 days i get answer with apologise, and that our blog is back.If you have visited in last month you had seen nothing there just one garbage post..and i saw also only that only after login i recognized that they changed domain name to,and its pitty , cauz i dont like that 0 and we lose our adress...
I didnt wanted to write this with my bad english, but i was waiting more than 2 weeks to get any answer about that problem.
I just wanted to tell that you can find our old blog @ http:///

PS. Our board and maybe website from us will be back in september @

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